Uggghhhhhhhhhh!  SOLD OUT AGAIN and I didn't get my Garth Brooks tickets.  You can feel the tears flowing from all those unlucky Garth fans who (for the 2nd time) have come up short on getting tickets to the All-Time biggest concert to hit Boise, Idaho.

Sob stories are flowing at the office, school, at home...

  • I waited too long
  • My kids have been sick
  • Blake Shelton should be at both shows
  • Scalpers bought all the tickets so there were none left

So here's the big question.  Is it possible?  Can it happen??  Do we have a chance???  For a 3rd GARTH BROOKS concert!  The answer is ????  maybe, there's a chance.  Check out the audio of Garth talking to Rick and Carly below and decide for yourself.  That very question was asked point blank and I believe Garth alluded to a definite possibility.

If you check his schedule, he still has Sunday, July 21st open on his calendar so let's hope and pray we get that great news just like last time about another show getting added to the good ole blue turf at BSU.

Now if you're looking to score FREE tickets, we have LOTS.  Rick and Carly are trying to give away a pair every weekday morning at 7:10 with Rick and Carly's Thousand Dollar Minute.  Also, we're starting the Garth Song of the Day Monday morning.  Rick and Carly will announce the details on that Monday morning at 7 o'clock.  And we'll have more ways to win Garth Brooks tickets starting on Monday so make sure you've got 104.3 WOW Country locked in and puhleeeeeze download the FREE app because it gives you major advantages to winning.  Good Luck!

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