This is not your typical snow slide avalanche easy to get away from or to clean up afterward so that roads remain open and traffic keeps running.  KTVB reports a massive avalanche struck Highway 21 yesterday between Lowman and Stanley.  We're talking about areas covered with snow that's more than 40 feet deep and crews haven't been able to get in yet because of the possible stability issues.  Helicopters are currently dropping explosives to test those stability issues and authorities are hoping to get crews in asap to start clearing the way for traffic again.

For those wanting and needing to work their way into Stanley, Idaho there is some good news.  Highway 75 over Galena Summit was reopened to traffic on Saturday, so people do have a way to get in and out.

For now, avalanche danger is considered very high in these areas and the Idaho Department of Transportation is asking for the public to steer clear if possible.  Please respect all signs and warnings.  Safety comes first and authorities are doing everything within their power to clean up this mess and get these roads back to safe and clear for the public to use.

You can check any and all road conditions below.

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