How young is too young for a kid to stay home alone? One couple in Meridian is fighting over what's right or wrong?!


I'm always asking this question myself. My 10 1/2 year old begs to stay home while I run to the store or do a quick errand and he has a watch phone, so I let him. I stayed home alone all the time as a teen. Spent weekends home alone by the time I was 15, but did I throw parties... yep!

Here's an e-mail we recently received from Christy in Meridian.


Dear Rick and Carly, 

My husband Steve won a "Salesman of the Month" award at work. He and I are going on a week long cruise to the Caribbean. We are at odds over what to do with our teenaged daughter. She is 14 and wants to stay home alone during our Spring Break Cruise. I think she is too young and needs to go to my mother's house. I am worried about partying and boys because I know how I was at that age. My husband says we should trust her until she breaks our trust. By then, it may be too late! Can you ask your listeners what they would do if they were us? Should we leave our daughter home alone or not?



Ladies, what do you think?! How young is too young to leave a child home alone while you go on vacation?

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