The Goat Caddie started in Oregon and could soon be trickling its way into Boise, Idaho.  This is the brainchild of a man named Tygh Campbell who owns Silvies Valley Ranch where he now has four trained, working goats used as caddies on their beautiful golf course.

You can call it genius, idiotic, a stunt or a number of other things but the truth is, its something that's never been done and people are loving it.  Campbell says he's receiving requests not only from golf courses in the United States but worldwide on how or if they can implement the goat caddies as well.  Some of those requests have been rumored to come from a few golf courses here in Boise, Idaho.  While there's no official word on if that's true, many are saying that Warm Springs Golf Course is looking to add the "Goat Caddie" as an option.

I feel like this whole thing fits right into the Rick and Carly's White Trash Wednesday calls we get every week but no, no no.  This is way more upscale than you think.  A special bag is designed for each goat that fits perfectly so they can carry all the necessary equipment for their golfer plus a six pack of beer.  And there's a nice little pouch which holds peanuts so every golfer can reward their caddie when they do a good job.

Like I said earlier, information on exactly when or even where the goat caddies are coming to here in Boise is scarce.  We'll keep you posted as new information comes in.

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