So on Saturday I went to Albertsons Stadium cuz I got invited to a tailgate and thought that's all I was gonna be doing.  To tell you the truth though I was excited for that all by itself.  But then when I was there, a VERY generous person found out I had never been to a game before and hooked me up with a ticket!

Greg/WOW 104.3

From the second I walked inside I couldn't wait to get my seat. The energy in there is incredible and you can just feel the passion that everyone in Boise has for their team.

It turned out my seat was WAY on the other side of the stadium from where I entered but I was fine with that.  Getting to walk around and even get on the field level and snap some pics from there was awesome!

Greg/WOW 104.3

Then once I got to my seat, I couldn't complain at all about my view. Felt like a perfect spot to check out the game. Although to be honest, it didn't seem to me like there's a bad seat in that place :)

Greg/WOW 1043

And I even got a pic with Buster Bronco!

Greg/WOW 104.3

So to sum everything up: I got to tailgate, I got into the stadium for free, had a great seat, and got some great pics along the way. Not a bad first experience at a BSU game at all. Can't wait for the next one.........OH! And BSU won, that definitely didn't hurt at all either :)