Have a dog that wont stop barking? Or a neighbors dog that is pushing your animal loving limits?

My pup Ani is overall a really good dog, but she will bark and if a dog or a man comes close to our house or close to Titus or myself. While she is a great listener most of the time… But The Barking… she wont listen even when I assure her everything is good until I either put her inside or the “threat” leaves. I stumbled upon this handy and harmless device and had to share. So far we have had great luck with it.

Sam Small is a renowned Police dog trainer and life long dog lover.  He stumbled upon a new way to train dogs that’s both highly effective and humane. Bark Begone is a handy little device about the size of a small remote that when pushed sends a low volume but high pitch frequency whistle. While we cant hear it the dogs sure can. Similar to a trainers dog whistle but easy for even a child to use.  It is painless and harmless to a dog, but will instantly get it’s attention and make it stop whatever it’s doing.

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According to the website Bark Begone isn’t just for correcting barking - it can be used to correct any bad behavior that you want to train out of your dog, including:

  • ✅ Chewing shoes, furniture, or anything the dog isn’t supposed to chew
  • ✅ Barking
  • ✅ Begging and whining
  • ✅ Urination or defecation


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