Idaho has some pretty creepy legends of monsters, creatures and things that you don't want to run into. One is The legend of Sharlie, a lake monster in McCall. Have you heard the stories?

According to Ranker, "The legend of Sharlie the lake monster was first recorded in the early 1920s when railroad workers in McCall, ID, noticed what they thought was a log beginning to move in Payette Lake. Then, in August 1944, more than two dozen people saw what they described as a long, undulating, crocodile-like creature that one witness described as being 35 feet long and having a shell."

Wikipedia goes on further to say, "In September 1946 the serpent was reportedly sighted by a group of twenty people. Dr. G.A. Taylor of Nampa, Idaho explained that “it appeared to be between 30 and 40 feet long and seemed to keep diving into the water. Sharlie was reportedly sighted dozens of times between 1956 and the last documented sighting in 2002. "

What do you think? Do you believe that people were seeing something massive and potentially scary in the water or is there some other explanation? People who live in the McCall area are quite familiar with the stories. McCalls famous annual winter carnival typically has a snow creation homage to Sharlie for locals and visitors to enjoy.


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