It’s easy to forget that there’s good in the world, right? We regularly read wild headlines or see crazy things flood our timeline and often don’t think twice. If anything, a lot of us are thinking “oh boy what craziness is happening today?”

Your faith in humanity can now be restored thanks to the goodness of people right here in the Treasure Valley.

When surfing the web, I came across a post in the r/Boise subreddit that absolutely pulled on the heartstrings. Redditor u/odd_toma posted a photo of where they were spending their holiday season: living in their car as the Treasure Valley took in the snow.

It wasn’t long before the Reddit post had a few dozen users comment with their offers to help the original post during a time of need.

Reddit user u/rendrich went as far as to comment that they would be happy to interview the original poster for a job and even go as far as to help them with their resume. Several other users chimed in with their pro-tips on how to help the original poster survive the brutal winter weather like suggesting the original poster look into a cheap gym membership to be able to get a hot shower.

When I messaged the original poster, u/odd_toma, they were overwhelmed with the amount of support they were receiving during their hour of need.

“The anxiety that comes with being homeless can affect on how I spend my day,” u/odd_toma wrote, “When I can manage a good day and actually get out of my car on my days off this is what I do. I love rocks and I love nature, they have been my company on those manageable good days.

The outpouring of support continues in the comment section of the Reddit post as I write this very moment and it’s inspiring. Too often we find ourselves wrapped up in things that don’t matter and take the little things for granted… like having a roof over our head during Christmas time.

It’s incredible to see the people of Treasure Valley extend their helping hands during the holiday season and speaks volumes about the character of Idahoans.

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