Not only do we have a full-blown gully washer headed our way but temperatures are dropping dramatically.  We're in the low 70's today and our HIGH for tomorrow may end up the 50's somewhere.

Boise's been looking forward to some moisture for a long time now.  With this being the third driest Summer on record, the Treasure Valley could use a nice bath and that's exactly what we'll be getting starting in the early morning hours tomorrow just as we're all headed into work.  There is a 15% chance of rain throughout parts of the Treasure Valley today and through tonight but tomorrow we jump up to 80% which means it's just about a guarantee and it looks as though we could get a lot of constant rain.

Credit: KTVB
Credit: KTVB

Friday brings back some sunshine before we most likely get hit again with rain on Saturday.  Then it's a bit back and forth with rain and sunshine through next week.  For detailed information on the weather here in the Treasure Valley go to

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