It's not often I ask for anything.  Almost never, but for my kids, I'll do whatever it takes to help them.  This is my daughter Lexi and her husband Porter.  Two of the best people I know and two people that need a miracle to live the dream of starting a family.

Credit: Lexi Probst

Lexi's my oldest daughter and she's pretty much done everything right.  Graduated high school, went to college where she played soccer for four years on a scholarship, graduated, continues her schooling while teaching, got married, bought a house, and now wants to start a family.

Lexi and Porter watched her two younger sisters Chelsea and Destiny bring in the two most beautiful human beings on the earth.  Emmerson and Beckam who I can proudly say are my grandsons.  In our family, everyone is tight and these kids pretty much have lots of extra moms and dads with how much all their aunts and uncles love them.

Credit: Chelsea Farnes

Lexi and Porter have tried for over a year now to have children and finally decided to see a doctor.  I remember Lexi calling me that day and I thought someone had died by the way she started the conversation on the phone.  She's dreamed of having children her entire life and now, after trying to do everything responsibly and waiting until her and Porter were in the best position possible to move forward she finds out that the chances are extremely low.  Impossible in fact without medical assistance.  And medical assistance is VERY expensive and of course, insurance covers none of it.

Credit: Tara Brandon

So I'm asking for your help.  I know there are causes in this world that are much nobler, people needing money and assistance for situations that are life threatening, tragic, and stories that will rock you to the core.  But this is my daughter.  She's all that's good in me and a better person than I'll ever be.  There's nothing I wouldn't do for Lexi and that includes getting down on my knees and begging for help.  If you could find it in your heart to help my baby girl start a family of her own... I can't even come up with words to express my gratitude.  You truly will become part of my family forever.