Look out Governor Otter.  Troy Minton's coming for you and he says its his experience on the streets, that's going to give him his big edge.


Troy Minton has taken care of all the proper paper work and is officially running for governor.  For the past month Minton has been living at The River of Life Men's Shelter in Boise.  Before that he was living from shelter to shelter and before that... it was the streets.


Minton's main objectives when becoming governor is to raise minimum wage and to find ways to help families struggling financially.  He knows first hand the challenges of not being able to pay bills, buy food, have clothes, a home, and so many other necessities.  He knows the heart ache and pain it causes, and he knows how it tears people's lives to pieces.


Minton also wants to do more for Idaho's farmers.  He feels these people are the backbone of our economy.


My view point is this.  I've seen some pretty long shots run for office and win.  Right?  This guy does have plenty of experience on the streets but can he tackle other important issues necessary for the job?  Can he even tackle the issues he wants to tackle for the job?  His heart's in the right place, and he's passionate and serious about moving forward with this, so... who knows.  Good luck Minton... you my friend are at least stepping up and doing something.  Something to help make this world a better place.  My hat's off to you.

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