While we have out challenges here in the gem state from housing market skyrocketing to a serious labor shortage here in the Treasure Valley. Govenor Brad Little just finished quite the brag session about how great the gem state is doing financially. He just had a press conference in Coeur d’Alene and announced that May revenue figures came in at $580 million ahead of forecast, or what they were planning for.

According to ABC8, This makes it the best month for state revenues in history, and if things continue to go this way, the state could end the fiscal year in June with another record budget surplus of close to $800 million, which would be an all-time high.

Little say this makes more tax relief a very real possibility once lawmakers are back in session. He wants to also focus on added investments in education, roads, clean water, broadband, and other areas next year.

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“Years of fiscal conservatism, swift action during the pandemic, few COVID restrictions, responsible allocation of federal relief dollars, and our relentless focus on cutting red tape are the reasons Idaho’s economy is catapulting ahead of other states right now,” Governor Little said.

According to APNews, Govenor Brad Little attributed the strong state economy to fiscal conservatism, swift action during the coronavirus pandemic and responsible allocation of billions of dollars in federal COVID-19 rescue money. A massive chunk also came from Income tax, I am not the only one who would sure like that one chopped back a bit.


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