Lightning strikes have been the cause of a number of fires here in Idaho over the past few days.  Most of those fires are either already distinguished or pretty much contained but the Horse Butte Fire which is just a bit northwest of Aberdeen has now burned more than 8,000 acres, continues to grow, and according to East Idaho News, is zero percent contained.

The Bureau of Land Management says that this fire, like most around our state, was started from a strike of lightning.  Fortunately, no structures have been affected yet and all roads in and out of this area remain open for the time being.

If you do live close to this area please be prepared.  Pack some belongings, have the car gassed up ready to go, and be ready to jump ship in a moment's notice.  So far it doesn't look as if any evacuations will be necessary but it's always smart to be prepared.

Other Idaho Fires and their conditions...

  • Radar Hill Fire near Dubois - 100% Contained (75 acres burned)
  • Bonneville County Fire north of Russet Noise Park - Mostly Burned Out (500 acres burned)
  • Lake Channel Fire - 40% Contained (5,000 acres burned)
  • Wilson Fire northeast of Hazleton - Expected to be fully contained tonight (317 acres burned)

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