In the mix of all of this wild weather, two beautiful horses are stuck in the deep snow. 


According to KTVB the horses are stranded in a remote area near Boulder Lake.


They are trapped in a bowl area that stretches as wide as a football field, making it nearly impossible to get them out.


These poor horses are belly deep in the show and are surrounded by snowdrifts that are around 6 feet tall.


Authorities believe the horses were abandoned by their owner and rescue attempts have so far been unsuccessful.


Idaho Horse Rescue is trying to get a helicopter to drop hay to the horses. They've been surviving in this horrible condition for nearly two weeks with just a few pine trees nearby to eat.


The rescue team has also thought of possibly tranquilizing the horses so that they can lift them to safety with a sling, but the options are not great. The horses are too heavy to carry out with a sled and the terrain is too dangerous to travel with a truck and trailer of any kind. The area is also prone to avalanches which of course posses another threat.


If you have a helicopter that you would be willing to donate to help rescue the horses please contact Lt. Speer at the Valley County Sheriff's Office.


They are also asking for donations that would aid in being able to rent a helicopter to save these beautiful creatures. Idaho Horse Rescue can be reached at 208-938-2358.


Please send good vibes or pray that these horses can make it out alive.