Admittedly, this is not the kind of thing that I normally post about. After all beauty is so much more than skin deep. But alas, here we go.... So, how much outer beauty do Americans across the country think Idahoans have?

According to Ranker, "Think back - have you ever wanted to visit or move to another state to surround yourself with attractive people? Or maybe you've visited some states that left you thinking, "Wow, there are a lot of really good-looking people walking around here." Based on those feelings, it's time to vote up the states that you think are filled with the sexiest residents."

So to be clear this is based off of nothing more than what people voted across the country. I will tell you the people of Idaho weren't looking so pretty according to those that voted.

The states that scored the highest include California, Hawaii, Texas, Colorado and Florida.

Idaho ranked 44th best looking, so pretty far down on the list. South Dakota, Arkansas, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Delaware and Rhode Island were the states below us. Little do they know that no only are we full of beautiful people but Idaho is also the most beautiful state to explore so there. ;)

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