It wasn't long ago that 22-year-old Lucas McCulley from Nampa, Idaho crept into our lives whether it was from TV, online, radio, or some other avenue McCulley's story went world-wide and the quest was on to help this young man with who was living with a rare and painful tumor on the right side of his face.

After thousands showed support with love, messages, and money McCulley caught the eye of the TV show "The Doctors" which brought him in and put him under the knife for more than eight hours.  So how did it go?  How is his condition and how will this all change his life?

KTVB reports after Lucas sat down with Gretchen Parsons and all is good in McCulley's world.  He has a new outlook on life and for the first time, is living pain free.  Lucas used to wake up with pain and live with that pain every waking moment of his life.  It never stopped.  After a very extensive, severe surgery in New York City under the watchful eye of Dr. Levitin, that pain is completely gone.

Some expected to see a major physical difference but that's not important to McCulley.  There is a big physical difference but living pain free has allowed him to live, love, have fun and personality like he's never had before.  Unfortunately changing too much of the physical damage from McCulley's situation would be way too risky and doctors agree that the risks are not worth the reward.  McCulley agrees and is loving life like he's never loved life before.

The tumor is not expected to grow back and McCulley should be able to live a long, healthy, pain free life.

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