Tim McGraw just dropped a new single "I Called Mama" at the perfect time with Mother's Day only two days away. Although the song is perfect for the holiday and celebrating mothers, the song wasn't planned to be released at this exact time.

Talking with The Bobby Bones Show, McGraw revealed that there wasn't actually a strategy to release this single around Mother's Day. They finished this song and a few others months ago, but this was the song that everyone agreed to put out to radio. They all believed the song was the perfect comfort song to put out with everything going on with the coronavirus pandemic. And ironically, the release day just happened to fall on the Friday before Mother's Day.

McGraw has been spending a lot of his quarantine honing in on his songwriting and guitar skills. Still to this day in their long marriage, McGraw says he will still grab a guitar and play a new song for his wife Faith Hill. He confessed that he felt his guitar skills were slipping away before quarantine hit, but now he's seized the opportunity of being home to sharpen up his guitar skills once again. One way he's been doing that is playing some of his favorite old songs and sitting around singing with Hill.

As far as McGraw's intense workout routines, he said he's backed off some in quarantine. He used to work out every day because he was in rehearsals and gearing up for tour. But now since tour has been postponed, he's taking a few days off a week and not keeping as much of a rigid workout schedule. He joked that there are some days he has to work out a little bit harder when Hill cooks something good up in the kitchen.