Caitlin grew up in Oklahoma, where Sonic originated, so it's always been one of her favorite places to eat. Sine they've been dating, they have spent a lot of their time together going to Sonic. A few weeks ago Bones revealed a drink that he always gets at Sonic, which he dubbed a "Bobby Water." There was a debate between Caitlin and Bones about who actually came up with the "Bobby Water."

As it turns out, Caitlin invented the drink, and Bones claimed it as his own. The two came to the conclusion that as long as Caitlin gets the credit for coming up with the drink, she doesn't care if it's called the "Bobby Water." Since talking about it on air, people have been sharing their "Bobby Water" all over social media. For those who aren't sure how to get the drink, here's how you get it at sonic.

At the Sonic drive-thru:

  • Ask for a large water with ice
  • Add real strawberries
  • Add real cherries
  • Add nerds

Bam! There you have a "Bobby Water."

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