What's better than winning FREE Garth Brooks concert tickets?  How about FREE tickets EVERY HOUR!  Yup.  Rick and Carly are dropping tickets every hour tomorrow morning starting at 5:30 and we want YOU to take home your share of what will 100% be THE biggest concert Boise, Idaho has ever seen.

Even losers win Garth tickets tomorrow.  Huh⁉️  What does that mean❓  Check out the audio below.  This lady lost at Rick and Carly's Thousand Dollar Minute and look at how she got hooked up.

So what do I do?  

When do I listen?

How do I win?

The following are secret tips to winning Garth Brooks concert tickets tomorrow morning between 5:30 and 10 with Rick and Carly.  These are secrets never shared that will continuously help you win long after Garth is gone.  Take these steps and do these things and YOU WILL WIN with Rick and Carly.


Don't wait for Rick and Carly to sound off some crazy radio horn asking for listeners to play some game we're about to play.  Hit them up as early as possible and DO NOT be afraid to call when there's no game going on.  It's much easier to get through and Rick and Carly are oftentimes looking for fun people to play games they'll be airing that end up giving our BIG prizes like Garth Brooks concert tickets.  FYI... the # is 208-338-1043.


I know we say it all the time but you really do get inside information when you download the 104.3 WOW Country App.  This world is going digital and so is radio.  Rick and Carly often times choose to use the app to find winners more so than those listening on air.  I know it sounds crazy but it's true.  Download the App and make sure your App Alerts are always on.  You'll receive clues, special invites, top-secret information, and you'll always be the 1st to know.


When you're talking to Rick and Carly make sure you sound upbeat and fun.  This makes us WANT to give you tickets and when we want to give you tickets, we look for extra ways to make that happen.  Don't be a downer.  Nobody likes the fast food guy who acts as he'd rather die than make you a hamburger.  We want the guy who shakes your hand, smiles, and makes your burger extra big and extra fresh because you're important.

It's going to be a crazy weekend with lots of FREE Garth Brooks tickets.  Make sure you're a part of it.  Let's make history together and let's have the best time of our lives!

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