This is going to be awesome! If you have antsy kids or love to climb, this climbing gym is like nothing else we have in the Treasure Valley and it's coming to Meridian. 

Ground breaks today on Vertical View Climbing Gym. It's 32,000 square feet of climbing that soars to nearly 7 stories.

Once it's built, you can find it off of I-84 at Locust Grove, right behind Maverick.

The climbing gym, Urban Ascent, had to close abruptly in April because of a new housing project, so I'm super excited to have a new place to climb in the works!

According to, the owner, Dr. Tyson Gray, hopes to attract thousands of new climbers to the sport and he says that the Treasure Valley has been an underserved and untapped place for climbing.

Customers will be able to scale the walls from 25 feet to 65 feet in the air, plus there will be adjustable routes and terrain, making the experience unique every time you go.

Vertical View Climbing Gym is expected to open by mid to late summer of 2019.


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