Is that pot I smell? Two men are behind bars facing felony charges after a big pot bust in Ada County. 

That's 14 pounds of pot you see piled up on the trunk of a Nissan Sentra that was pulled over yesterday afternoon.

According to KTVB, 28-year-old Carlos Rojas Morales of Jerome, Idaho and 22-year-old Carlos Villicana Zavala of Hazelton were caught when an Ada County deputy saw the car tailgating a semi along I-84 heading eastbound.

No surprise by the photo, but the deputy says he immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana when he pulled the car over.

That was just the beginning of the trouble for Zavala who was behind the wheel without a valid drivers license or a copy of the car agreement which had been rented out of California.

The duo is due to appear in court this afternoon.

I'm curious as to what your thoughts are on the legalization or illegalization of marijuana. Should you be able to drive through Idaho with marijuana in your vehicle if you purchased it from a state where it is legal? Should these types of offenders spend time in jail? I know it is a very controversial subject, but I'm interested in what your thoughts are on this matter.

No word on if these two men were impaired or not when they were caught with the pot. They may have been transferring it but not using it at the time. I do know that's an awful lot of marijuana, but police have not released whether these guys had the intent to sell.

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