Human remains have been found inside a burned home of a southern Idaho man that's wanted.


The body found in Rupert, Idaho on Thursday has not been identified yet.  There was a fire that started at Dale Mounce's home on Wednesday which was the same day a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.  Dale never showed up in court for a hearing about an aggravated battery charge.  Dale pistol whipped three people during a fight last November.


Police and firefighters were called out to Mounce's house for an unrelated event.  When they got there... the place was engulfed in flames.  There was no way firefighters could enter the home to try and salvage anything.


There were loud noises reported from in the house while the fire was going.  Authorities say that was most likely ammunition going off in the blaze.  We don't know yet if the body found was killed by the fire or before the fire.  A thorough investigation is underway.