I have an 8 year old boy who goes to school in the West Ada School district. Over the weekend as I was cleaning out his backpack to get it ready for school on Monday again I noticed something puzzling at the bottom of his batman backpack. A "I got my Covid Vaccine" sticker. The sticker was new, it still had the backing on it and didn't fall off of anything or anyone.

I asked where if came from and he said that he thinks it was put in his backpack while he was 'out filling up his water bottle'. I wouldn't blame an 8 year old for finding a sticker and sticking it in a backpack just because it was a sticker but he assured me that he didn't pick it up, or put it in his backpack and he didn't know where if came from.

So I called the school. First, I have to say I love his school, I love the staff and the teachers. This is not a negative post about any of it, I was just trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. I called with confusion, politely asking if anyone knew where the sticker came form. The office staff seemed just as perplexed as I was about the sticker. Assuring me that they are in no way vaccinating anyone nor has it ever even come up as a possibility in the future. She honestly had no idea what happened or where the sticker came from.

I read a story last week out of California where a mother of a 13 year old was rightfully very upset because her tween son was vaccinated without parental consent or any knowledge of it. He got the vaccine in exchange for pizza. It doesn't matter if you truly believe in the vaccine or not, vaccinating a youth without parental consent is in no way ok. This particular California mother isn't event anti-vax, in fact she was vaccinated herself but her son, who was without her knowledge vaccinated has underlying health issues and there were reasons she had not had him vaccinated.

Now rest assured that West Ada, and as far as I know no other Idaho schools or school districts are vaccinating our youth, and certainly not without parental consent. The mystery remains as to where the sticker came from and how it ended up in my young son's backpack.

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