I mean come on, despite everyone's best efforts we all knew the word about this place was gonna get out eventually.  According to United Van Lines, one of the nation's largest moving companies, Idaho now ranks as the 4th most moved to state in the nation.  United Van Lines basis this off of tracking customer state-to-state migration for the past 40 years.

I mean with a low cost of living, beautiful scenery, great food, tons of things to do, and of course a great country radio station (wink, wink) there was no way we were gonna keep this place a secret.

According to the moving company's data, the order of most moved to states in the country goes as follows:

1. South Dakota

2. Vermont

3. Oregon

4. Idaho

5. South Carolina

As far as what states people are moving OUT of these days, the top states are:

1. New Jersey

2. Illinois

3. New York

4. Connecticut

5. Kansas

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