We all hear about the 100 most dangerous days on Idaho roads which technically ended on Labor Day.  We had more than 100 people die this year in that 100-day span in different types of automobile accidents and unfortunately, those tragedies have not slowed down.  Fatality crashes continue on almost a daily basis somewhere here on our Idaho roads.

KTVB just reported another accident that sent two vehicles flipping in a rollover early Saturday morning just after 2 o'clock just south of Wilder, Idaho.  The exact location was the intersection of Batt Corner Road and Lower Pleasant Ridge Road.  A Toyota Camry crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic hitting a Chevy Truck.  There were two passengers in the Camry.  Both were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected as their vehicle rolled.  20-year-old Kaleb Vandenbosch of Nampa who was driving was pronounced dead at the scene.  The passenger, 21-year-old Amanda L. Greco of Nampa is currently at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise.  We have no word yet on her condition.

At this time we do not have information regarding the condition of the driver of the Chevy Truck which usually means they are o.k.  His name is Juan Andres Castillo Vega.  He's 28-years-old and he's from Mexico.

As the population continues to grow here in Idaho traffic gets worse, more cars, more uneducated drivers, more road rage, more drivers impaired or tired and thus, more accidents.  The message is REAL.  Please take your time getting to your destination.  DO NOT drive impaired or tired and ALWAYS drive defensively.  Expect the worst and hope for the best.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Kaleb's family and we're hoping and praying that Amanda makes it out o.k.

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