Idaho continues to be one of the many states where employers are struggling to fill openings. We've seen businesses begin to display signs that service and hours of operation have to be cut because of the lack of workforce.

Idaho employers have tried raising wages, offering signing bonuses, and other incentives hoping to entice potential employees. So far, Gem State Businesses continue to struggle with find workers.

However, Idaho is doing better filling jobs than most states, says Forbes Magazine. "Idaho also more than recovered its jobs lost by August while Arizona was nearly there at a 97% recovery. It's expected that the latest jobs report will move that state over into the "fully recovered" list."

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Employers have taken to advertising on television, radio, digital, and newspapers seeking workers.  The Idaho Press reports that a job fair will be held at the Nampa Civic Center next Saturday from 10 am-2 pm. The event is free.  

Although Boise and our surrounding communities continue to draw people to Idaho from around the country, most of the folks coming to Idaho are working remote jobs. They could be doing accounting or software development for a company in the Bay Area working out of their extra bedroom in Meridian.  

We did reach out to a Facebook Community Support Treasure Valley Restaurant seeking comment on their worker shortage. One person shared their observations with us:   I am not in the industry... just a foodie. But what I consistently hear from restaurants is that they are struggling with staffing issues. Shortages are real and they might sink businesses that cannot serve properly their clientele...

The upcoming retail season will demand more workers to work those extra holiday hours. The big question will be, who will fill those positions?

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