A new report says that Idaho gas prices have begun to fall. Does this report mean we've finally seen the peak of historical gas prices in the Gem State? Idahoans and everyone else in America continue to feel the pain of high gas prices. The increased fuel cost continues to be one of the main reasons the country continues to be under the current unprecedented wave of inflation.

How Much Did Gas Prices Drop?

The price drop is minimal compared to how high gas prices have risen since Joe Biden took office. The president continues to blame Putin and not his deranged energy policies. AAA Idaho released a report stating that gas prices in Idaho were four cents lower than last week but twelve cents higher than a month ago. The national average is down to $4.68 per gallon. It pays to be in another state as the national average dropped 13 cents in a week and 32 cents from last month.

Two quick tips on how to save money on gas.

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Where Does Idaho Rank Nationally?

The Gem State returns to the top ten most expensive states to buy gasoline.  Today, Idaho ranks 7th in the country for most expensive fuel behind California ($6.09), Hawaii ($5.62), Alaska ($5.48), Nevada ($5.40), Oregon ($5.40), and Washington ($5.36). The least expensive gas in the country can be found in Kentucky at $4.31 per gallon.

“Crude oil prices are currently hovering near $104 per barrel after reaching a recent high of $122 per barrel in early June.  As the main ingredient in gasoline, lower crude prices help ease the pressure on gas prices,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “The Rockies region is generally one of the last to react to national gas price trends, good or bad.  We’re just beginning to see some savings at the pump in our area, and hopefully the trend will continue.”

Will the November Election Bring Lower Gas Prices?

Political experts predict that the Democrats are in trouble due to the economy, inflation, and gas prices. Republicans could make significant gains in the House and Senate if current economic trends continue. Multiple polls state that the economy and fuel prices are the number one issue for voters. If the administration can find a way to lower oil prices by November, it can only help their dismal chances.  


Idaho Gas Prices Across the State

Courtesy of AAA Idaho/Oregon

Boise - $5.31

Coeur d’Alene - $4.92

Franklin - $5.26

Idaho Falls - $5.15

Lewiston - $4.82

Pocatello - $5.20

Rexburg - $5.25

Twin Falls - $5.32

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