Gas prices continue to rise in Idaho and across the country. Last week gas prices skyrocketed by 20 cents to over $5 a gallon. The increase in gas prices negatively impacts the buying power of Idahoans. How bad is it?

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These five gas stations currently have prices below Idaho's average!

According to a report from AAA Idaho, Idahoans are paying sixty cents more per gallon than they did last month and almost two dollars more than a year ago. That's a lot of pain at the pump in the Gem State!

How about the nation? The national average is slightly lower than Idaho's ($5.10) at $5.01 per gallon. The nation's prices rose within a similar range to the Gem State's.

Where Does Idaho Rank ?

Idaho is currently the 12th most expensive state to buy gasoline.  Once again California leads the nation at $6.44, followed by Nevada ($5.66), Alaska ($5.57), Illinois ($5.56), Washington ($5.55), Oregon ($5.54), Hawaii ($5.53), Arizona ($5.32), District of Columbia ($5.26), and Indiana ($5.22). At $4.48 per gallon, the cheapest pump prices are currently located in Georgia.

However the national gas price average has  $5 per gallon for the first time reports CNN. Two months ago, the national average was around $4 per gallon.  Experts are now predicting that we could see $6 per gallon prices before the end of the summer.  Some western states have begun to adjust their pumps so that $10 per gallon prices could be displayed.

America is beginning to look like Europe where gas prices are much more expensive.  The Biden Administration continues to blame Putin for the gas prices.  They say there's nothing they can do to help consumers.  Last week, Saudi Arabia raised the price of oil.

"Crude oil supplies are tight, summer fuel demand is on the rise, and drivers are stuck in the middle," says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde. "With no immediate relief in sight, Idaho families continue to be under enormous pressure to find ways to make long-awaited vacations, and in some cases, the daily commute and regular errands, possible."

A state solution?

Last week, Idaho democrats called on the governor and republicans to call a special session to repeal the state's gasoline tax for a period of time.  That move appears to be unlikely since the primary season is over and there is no political reason to call the legislature back into session.  Two republican lawmakers did propose suspending the fuel tax to help Idahoans during the regular session, but their request was never moved forward out of committee.

Here's are weekly look at gas prices around Idaho courtesy of AAA Idaho.

Boise - $5.11

Coeur d'Alene - $5.05

Franklin - $4.99

Idaho Falls - $5.02

Lewiston - $5.07

Pocatello - $5.01

Rexburg - $5.07

Twin Falls - $5.12

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