Idaho is not one of the most expensive states for fuel costs. The most expensive state to purchase gasoline in our country is California. How much does it cost per gallon in the Golden State? Californians are shell shocked to learn that they're the first state to top $6.00 per gallon.

In a release, Idaho drivers are now tied with the nation paying an average of $4.57 per gallon, reports AAA Idaho/Oregon. Gasoline costs continue to rise due to shortages resulting from Biden's energy policies and the Russia/Ukraine war. Gasoline prices have reached historical prices, and there is no end in sight to prices continuing to rise.

What about Idaho Gas Prices?

Our state's gas prices are not in the top ten or the top twenty states for the most expensive conditions for gasoline. Idaho currently ranks as the twenty-third most costly state for gas. Fuel prices rose seven cents in a week and seventeen cents from last month.

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Across the nation, fuel prices rose seventeen cents and forty eights cents from last month. Experts predict the upcoming summer season will be the most expensive season for vacationers. "Just a month ago, the U.S. average was 31 cents below Idaho's average price.

The fact that they're tied today isn't an indication that things are improving in the Gem State – rather, it's a sign of how awful things are getting everywhere," says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde. "If the current trend continues, some drivers will have to make some really hard choices about how to budget for expensive fuel and still pull off a family road trip this spring and summer."

Here's a look at the most expensive cities to buy gasoline:

California ($6.05),
Hawaii ($5.34),
Nevada ($5.22),
Washington ($5.15),
Alaska ($5.12),
Oregon ($5.11),
Illinois ($4.92),
District of Columbia ($4.87),
New York ($4.87),
Arizona ($4.83).

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