Preparing for your 4th of July get-together can get pricey. Between fireworks, hot dogs, plenty of fun drinks, and of course some new cornhole bags, adding up the receipts can be a little depressing.

What makes it even worse is having to fill up your vehicle with gas. That's even pricier.

Idaho's gas prices continue to climb as we approach 4th of July, and we've now got it worse off than most of the country. The current average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. currently sits right around $4.88 per gallon. That's extremely high, don't get us wrong, but the Gem State has an even heavier burden at the pump. Idahoans are currently paying $5.22 per gallon for gasoline. That's three cents higher than a week ago, and over half a dollar higher than a month ago.

AAA Idaho's public affairs director comments:

Travel has returned to nearly pre-pandemic levels, and surprisingly, travel by car is projected to be the busiest on record for the holiday weekend, despite much higher pump prices than in recent years. But whether you’re flying or driving, it’s a safe bet that things could get a little hectic at times.

The most expensive gas in Idaho is found in Twin Falls, where you're spending $5.31 for gas. Idaho's cheapest gas is currently in Lewiston, who are saving cents on the dollar with gas costing only $4.98.

Are you planning on traveling for 4th of July weekend, or are you staying at home to save a few bucks? Let us know on Facebook!

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