We're only two months into 2019 and the state of Idaho has already paid out more than $1 Million in unclaimed money.  The crazy thing is, Idaho has another $150 million just sitting there, unclaimed and some of it might be yours.

Here's the definition of what unclaimed property or money is here in the state of Idaho...

Unclaimed Property is unclaimed or abandoned intangible property - money. Unclaimed money can be checking accounts, savings accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, utility refunds, items stored in safety deposit boxes and more. The State acquires property, which in this case does not mean land, from “holders” such as corporations, business associations, utility companies, medical offices and insurance companies after there has been no customer contact for a period of time.

There are all sorts of reasons money and/or property goes unclaimed.

  • errors made while updating a change of address
  • changing a name due to marriage or divorce
  • death of an owner
  • forgetfulness

Take a few minutes to see if some of this cash is yours.  There's so much and truthfully, nobody thinks it's theirs.  That's why it's unclaimed.  It's not going to hurt to throw your name out there and see what happens.

Below you'll find a link to the Idaho State's Treasurer's Office that'll do all the work for you.  Submitting for the money is free.  Some personal information is required but it's a simple process to check things out.  Good luck and... remember who pointed you in the right direction.  If you take me out to dinner.. we'll call it even.  😁

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