The Idaho Humane Society and the Boise Police department have partnered to make a difference in our community. Clover, a two-year-old golden retriever, is joining the Boise Police Force. The Idaho Human Society announced Clover's new job and home in a release over the weekend.  

Clover's journey to the Boise Police Department was a rocky one starting as a very sick dog. She was emaciated, underweight, depressed, and listless, according to the Idaho Humane Society. The poor dog was not able to hold down meals, vomiting after eating several times.  

Idaho Humane Society

The Idaho Humane Society Veterinarians performed several tests on Clover, finally determining that several large objects blocked her intestinal tract. The Vets performed an intensive surgery that took a long time. The challenge was that it took the doctors some time to determine what was foreign to her body. Clover eventually recovered, gaining weight from 27lbs to 40lbs while living in a foster home. The Idaho Humane reports that her blood work is now normal.  

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Idaho Humane Society

How did Clover become a Cop?

The Idaho Humane Society received a call from the Boise Police Department looking for a new dog for their bike unit. "We instantly knew that Clover would be a great fit as she naturally performs many of the duties of an outreach canine including having a very stable and friendly disposition. In addition, she's highly trainable, and she loves people and other pets." said Tiffany Shields, Clover's foster parent and the director of Animal Care and Control.  

Idaho Humane Society

Clover will join the unit as a wellness canine. The Boise Police Department's Training, Education, and Development Division. The unit's goal is to help the wellness of police officers. Clover's job will be to provide emotional support for officers who have health issues or through a traumatic experience.  

Clover's story could not have happened without the continued donations from the public supporting the Idaho Humane Society. Donations provided the equipment that was used to save Clover, reports the Idaho Humane Society. The organization relies on donations to keep the lights on and to save lives. If you'd like to donate, don't hesitate to get in touch with them at

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