27-year-old Christopher D. Ostergar of Pocatello, Idaho could face LIFE in prison if convicted of sexually abusing two young brothers, one who was only 3-years-old at the time authorities believe the first signs of abuse came into play.

It should be noted, Ostergar is pleading his innocence in this case but authorities believe otherwise.

According to East Idaho News, this all came down on Thursday when the mother of two young boys contacted police because of some disturbing behavior.  The boys told their mother that they had been having sexual relationships with each other.  When investigated, authorities now believe this all started with abuse from Christopher D. Ostergar.  We don't know at this time what the relationship was between Ostergar and this family but we do know that he was alone with the boys on several occasions.

When questioned, the boys opened up and described disturbing behavior that Ostergar allegedly made them participate in.  This abuse allegedly goes back three years to January of 2016.

Ostergar is currently being held on $20,000 bail and will see his first day in court on February 27th.

Whatever happened here is tragic.  Whether Ostergar is innocent or not, these boys are dealing with some very disturbing issues and as a parent, I can't imagine what to do or think or how to feel.  My thoughts are with this family.

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