Idahoans are some of the kindest most giving people there are. Holding out a helping hand for someone in need is second nature to many in the gem state. This is going above and beyond helping someone to literally saving someone. An Idaho man named Andrew from Driggs did a cheek swab in 2010 to have his DNA put into a database. He registered with a company called Be The Match over 11 years ago.

Over a decade later, when it probably isn't even in his mind anymore he gets a call from St. Luke's in Boise. There is a DNA match for a Idahoan in need. Andrew is heading into Boise and St. Luke's next week to start the process of donating bone marrow to help the individual in need.

Be The Match has been around for over 30 years. They are operated by the National Marrow Donation Program and help hundreds and even thousands of people a year that are diagnosed with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. Donors from around the country are DNA matched with patients who need healthy bone marrow. To date the program and organization have facilitated more than 100,000 blood stem cell transplants, and 6,426 transplants last year to give patients hope for a future.

The global registry has over 22 million volunteers who are ready to be a life-saving bone marrow donors. Even with 22 million there are still patients who can’t find a match. If you feel compelled to be in the registry it is a simple cheek swab to get started and you could end up saving a live down the line. Heck, you may not get a call for 11 years like Andrew, but at least you available to help. Find out more here


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