An Idaho man has survived a car crash that threw him over the Snake River! Here's his incredible story...


34 year old Steven Arrasmith of Mesa, Idaho is lucky to be alive after a car crash propelled him 50 feet into the freezing cold Snake River.


According to KTVB, Arrasmith was headed west on the Snake River Bridge at the Idaho/Oregon border when a pickup truck in front of him hit black ice and smashed into a guard rail.


Arrasmith tried to be a Good Samaritan and got out of his vehicle to check on the man in the truck but when he did someone behind him crashed into his jeep which caused his own jeep to hit him and send him over the bridge and into the river!


Incredibly, Arrasmith was able to swim to a small island nearby and was rescued from the Snake River and taken to the hospital in Ontario.


He was then transported here to Boise and underwent surgery for a broken femur and is expected to make a full recovery. No one else was seriously injured in the crash.