To say this little girl is a 'Miracle Baby' is an understatement.  Pretty sure nobody will forget the day little Evelyn Stevenson was born.  Lane and Angela Stevenson live in the Idaho Falls area and were so excited to add the fifth member to their family.  Angela started feeling those special little pains that say, "hey, I'm almost here".  The doctor instructed her to monitor the contractions and that there was no need to come into the hospital yet.

A few hours later Angela stood up and went into her bathroom and that's when Evelyn said, "Lookout... I'm coming".  Lane ran into the room and barely got there in time to catch the baby as it just plopped out.  Panick struck when both Lane and Angela realized the baby wasn't crying or making any kind of noise yet.  Her mouth and nose were clogged with mucus and luckily Angela had a bulb syringe in the bathroom that they used to clear the baby's airway.  The baby started screaming and crying and looked just beautiful.

Lane didn't even cut the umbilical cord because, like most of us, he had no idea what he was doing and he didn't want to do something wrong.  So he grabbed his wife who was hooked to the baby, loaded them up into the car and raced off to the hospital.  When they arrived at the hospital doctors and nurses came out and eventually allowed Lane to cut the umbilical cord right there in the car.

Credit: Lane Stevenson
Credit: Lane Stevenson

According to East Idaho News, Evelyn weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and measured 20 inches long and is about as healthy as they come.  The Stevenson family is very lucky and Evelyn is Idaho's latest miracle baby.


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