People across the country were asked in a massive survey which states are best and worst to raise a family. Idaho scored incredibly well, nearly taking the top spot.

According to the Ranker study the worst 3 states to raise a family is Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Idaho on the other hand seems to be a favorite destination for families. From the incredible nature, to four full seasons, to cleanliness, things to do and much more.

Idaho ranked at number 48 out of 50 for worst states. In other words, the third spot for the BEST state to raise a family. The only two states that scored higher than Idaho was Montana at number two and North Carolina took the top spot at number one.

Now lets check out some great family places, destinations, and things to do around the state and Boise area.

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The 10 Best Boise Neighborhoods to Raise a Family applied their methodology to over 30 neighborhoods in the City of Boise. After grading neighborhoods on quality of schools, safety, access to family amenities and other factors, they determined these are the 10 neighborhoods where you'd love to raise a family in Boise.

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