Does the influx of Californians associate with the lack of Christmas spirit in Idaho?

Probably not, but since 2020 the Christmas spirit has declined tremendously. Is that because in 2020 the pandemic had us really starting to appreciate our loved ones, and time slowed down to a halt in 2020 which allowed us to take a breath from everything else that is going on?

In 2020, Idaho ranked the 2nd highest state in the country with Christmas spirit.

That's according to Centurylink and when they started "Measuring Christmas Cheer In America".

Photo by Geoffrey Moffett on Unsplash
Photo by Geoffrey Moffett on Unsplash

Here's their methodology "To determine which states have the most Christmas spirit, we compiled 10 data metrics in two main categories: (1) Christmas-themed online activity within the last 12 months and (2) Christmas-related cultural marker".

Could the lack of Christmas spirit be because of the growing subdivisions?

I say that because with subdivisions come rules, you can't hang this, you can't have that, and I know that those HOAs can really damper the fun that residents really want to have when it comes to decorating their homes.

Is it because we aren't Googling the right things to be on the radar for these types of rankings?

Part of their rankings is based on things just like that Christmas-themed activity online like "Christmas movies" and "gingerbread houses". They also looked at shopping trends like "Christmas cards", "Christmas ornaments" and "elf of a shelf". Does not googling things make us less in the Christmas spirit than other states?

So where have we gone since being the 2nd ranked state with the most Christmas Spirit?

  • 2020: Ranked 2
  • 2021: Ranked 13
  • 2022: Ranked 28

I think we can just blame it on the influx of people moving to Idaho right?! 

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