New information in the Kelsey Berreth case has been released that tells us the nurse involved with what authorities are saying is 100% murder is expected to plead guilty of her involvement when appearing in court later this week.  Guilty of what exactly we don't know.  Word has it that the nurse (32-year-old Krystal Lee of Twin Falls, Idaho) says that she was responsible for driving Berreth’s phone to Idaho to dispose of it.  Lee also claims that she did so only because she was afraid for her own life.  She was afraid that Patrick Frazee, who is being charged with Berreth's murder was going to kill her.

Patrick Frazee was engaged to Kelsey Berreth and has been charged with murder and solicitation.  Unfortunately, Berreth's body still has not been found.  After she had gone missing around Thanksgiving her phone was pinging in the Twin Falls, Idaho area which is where Lee brought the phone.  What events led to her transporting that phone and what happened afterward, so far is a complete mystery to us all.  We'll keep you posted as new information is released.

According to, evidence has been collected by the Twin Falls Police Department but what that evidence is exactly, we don't know.  We do know that the nurse involved has been cooperating with authorities and we're hoping that Kelsey Berreth's family can soon have some closure on this horrific nightmare.

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