The level of disgusting and outrageous never seems to end.  Dr. Heath Sommer was let go from his position as CEO of Seasons of Hope in Chubbuck five years ago for alleged fraud but his crimes escalated and continued in the Sacramento, California area.

According to East Idaho News, Sommer has been found 'GUILTY' of six different felony counts of sexual abuse where he lured patients into having sex with him convincing them it was part of their treatment for post-traumatic stress.

I know, I know, I know... you're thinking how could anyone fall for that but when you look at the trauma these people had been through combined with Sommer's sneaky way of integrating credible therapy methods with his twisted mind you can understand a bit of how this happened.

I'll spare you a lot of the disturbing details but just know that they are very disturbing.  I mean he got a colonel to have sex with him, eat dirt mixed with meat, sleep with him and his wife multiple times all with the so-called lesson of learning how to experience a healthy, loving sexual experience.  Healthy and loving?  Whoah!

Here's a quote from The Daily Republic that gives more insight on that story...

One woman, a colonel, recalled Sommer telling her at their third session in 2014 that he was going to start using exposure therapy. He orchestrated moving their sessions off-base to his home, where he then told her he wanted to treat her by having her re-experience every facet of her sexual assault by three British soldiers.

Sommer had the officer repeatedly describe the details of her sexual assault she endured at a training facility in Afghanistan. She told him about the dirty facility and recalled the taste of partially cooked goat meat she had been served by Afghans before the assault, the investigator said. Sommer then got dirt out of his backyard and had the officer put it in her mouth and had her eat meat from leftover Chinese food out of his refrigerator.

That was followed by his recommending she have a “positive and loving” sexual experience, so he took her into the master bedroom of his home while his wife stayed in the kitchen. Then he put his hand over her mouth and had sex with her, according to the testimony. After that therapy session, in the next two months she had sex with Sommer nine more times at his home. The last time came after she spent the night at his house, sleeping with Sommer and his wife. When she woke up, he started to have sex with her before she told him to stop, then got up and left.

Our thoughts are with all of Sommers victims.  We hope they can get the help they need and deserve and may justice be served with this evil man.

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