This is a crazy story so try to keep up.  29-year-old Baltazar L. Guzman-Lara has just been arrested for having inappropriate relationships with a 16-year-old girl he works with at a local restaurant in Idaho Falls.

Guzman-Lara was the girl's manager.  His wife also worked at the restaurant.  It was obvious the two were having a difficult relationship and that's when Guzman-Lara and the 16-year-old started hooking up.  Investigators have proof of the two of them having sex multiple times.

Guzman-Lara has admitted to the charges and is currently out on a $30,000 bail.  At one point Guzman-Lara's wife had walked in on the young girl and her husband.  The two girls tried to talk things out.  Not sure exactly what was said in that exchange.  The young girl's foster parents started finding disturbing passages in her diary and disturbing texts which is what led to the investigation.

Another woman who worked at the restaurant and was also a 6th-grade teacher texted the young girl asking her to stop going to the police.  She wanted her to stop because it was ruining a good family's life.  It turns out that Guzman-Lara's wife instigated that text in an effort to stop law enforcement from moving forward with charges.

East Idaho News reports that Guzman-Lara will see his next day in court on May 14.  If convicted he could face up to LIFE in prison.

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