Thanksgiving in Idaho is a time-honored tradition filled with warmth, gratitude, and delicious food. And at the heart of every Idahoan Thanksgiving feast is a perfectly cooked turkey. If you're curious about the preferred way to cook a turkey in Idaho, you've come to the right place, kind of.

I have fond memories of growing up and being part of the Thanksgiving preparations. Gathering with family and friends, sharing stories, and creating cherished moments around the dinner table. The aroma of a roasting turkey wafting through the house was a signal that watching football was about to begin. Now that I'm usually in charge of the turkey, I have a preference for how I like to cook the turkey.

What's your preferred way to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving?

We decided to take that question to the streets, well, Facebook.

Different ways to cook your turkey

One popular technique is brining the turkey overnight in a saltwater solution, which helps lock in moisture and infuse the meat with seasoning. Smoking the turkey over indirect heat gives it a lovely mellow wood-fired flavor. Grilling imparts delicious char while allowing the fat to drip away.

Deep-frying the turkey creates an incredibly moist, tender, and crispy bird in just about an hour, but it requires vigilance and care. Spatchcocking, or butterflying, the turkey flattens it so it cooks quicker and more evenly. Stuffing the cavity with lemons, apples, and fresh herbs adds bright flavor.

Based on what people said, will brisket be more popular this Thanksgiving?

Well, I've noticed an interesting trend lately. More and more of us are swapping out the usual turkey for something a little different - brisket! Yep, you heard that right. Now, why might we be doing this, you ask? Well, let's think about it.

Brisket brings a certain comfort and warmth to the table, a sense of nostalgia even. It's not just about switching things up; it's about creating new traditions while honoring the old ones. Plus, it can be a real time-saver in the kitchen, freeing up your day to spend more time with loved ones. And let's not forget taste – a well-cooked, tender brisket can give any turkey a run for its money!

No matter how it’s prepared, Thanksgiving turkey is cherished for bringing loved ones together around the table to give thanks. New twists on tradition keep the yearly feast exciting. We hope you and you're family have a great Thanksgiving!

Idaho Most Popular Way To Cook A Turkey On Thanksgiving

After asking our listeners on Facebook, these are the most popular ways to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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