With bad weather comes mistakes.  With mistakes come accidents and lately, too many of those accidents have been fatal.  On Saturday a young man snowboarding out of bounds tried to jump a street, was struck by a hummer, and eventually, this young man died from his wounds.  Last night another tragedy occurred that probably involved some bad weather, bad decisions, and bad timing.

27-year-old Adam Figueroa of Island Park, Idaho was riding his snowmobile at approximately 8 o'clock in the evening last night.  Figueroa attempted to drive the snowmobile out of a parking lot and onto U.S. 20.  What took place in those next few seconds, nobody saw coming.  According to KTVB, Figueroa was struck by a Subaru Legacy which was also being driven by a 27-year-old.  27-year-old Jacob Logan was behind the wheel of the Subaru that was headed westbound on U.S. 20 and violently crashed into Figueroa and his snowmobile.

Investigators say Figueroa was not wearing a helmet and emergency responders couldn't even get him to the hospital for a chance at life.  Figueroa died at the scene of the accident.  His wounds were just too serious.

Logan was not hurt in any way and was able to travel home on his own accord.  I know we say 'Not Hurt' but I can't imagine what something like this does to a person psychologically.  Our thoughts are with everyone involved and their close friends along with their families.