March is a fantastic month, not only does it mark springtime but it also celebrates Women all around the world. Did you know that women owned businesses is the fastest growing area of business in the state of Idaho?! Pretty impressive. This incredible new collection at the Idaho State Museum showcases a lot of impressive ladies who have become celebrities, heroes and paved the way for future generations.

If you have not been to the Idaho State Museum yet. This is a great time. It is located right in downtown Boise near the greenbelt and within Julia Davis Park. It is a great visit no matter what but this new sections is worth a gander. Trailblazing women of Idaho features exhibits for all ages.

The Trailblazing Women of Idaho exhibit will be open to visitors now thru November so it is definitely worth checking out before it is gone. Feel like you are in their shoes as you travel back and apricate what these Gem state women have done for our state and for history.

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Some of the featured women include Sacajawea, astronaut Barbara Morgan, jazz legend Mildred Bailey, Olympian Kristin Armstrong, and more. I love how inspiring the interactive exhibits are. The overall feel is very impactful and gives pride to Idahoans and the women who have made the world a better place. Check out more details at the Museum website here.

If you want more about the incredible women who have a big hand in molding the gem state, join us on March 31st. In honor of Women's History Month, we will be hosting a Women in Business Leadership virtual panel with powerful and inspiring women who are highly successful in business. Check out more on that here. 

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