It doesn't matter if you love her, hate her, or don't even know who she is. There's a good chance you've seen the name Jojo Siwa pop up in your feed lately and if not, we're sorry - you probably will now since the internet spies on us all.

A beacon of controversy

In case you're out of the loop or just need a quick refresher, Jojo Siwa was a child star who got her big break on the reality show "Dance Moms." After that, she participated in several projects for Nickelodeon, developing a massive cult following.

With that following, came criticism for how Siwa was using her platform because her shows and brand primarily targeted a younger audience.

Most recently, the former child star has gone viral for her "bad girl" persona (and her signature dance move, but more on that later). Her "bad girl" persona was even parodied by Saturday Night Live and received an overwhelmingly positive reception.

Before all of the viral attention she's received recently, Siwa was actually in Boise performing in 2022. In a YouTube video shared by user Elizabeth Brite, we see Jojo Siwa on stage in Boise, sitting at a piano.

"You guys have no idea how loved you make me feel," Siwa said into the mic. She goes on to touch on the then-recent news that she is interested in women to roars of cheers from the crowd.

"Sharing my life with the world is all that I know," she told Boise, "I've shared everything since I was nine with the entire world and because I loved another girl, it was probably the scariest thing that I ever told the world."

She then shared a positive message about love and one that reminds us that the Jojo Siwa from two years ago, was in a much different place than the viral, "Bad Girl" Jojo Siwa of today:

Love is magical, being who you are is magical, loving everyone around you; if there is maybe a kid at your school who is a little different or a friend in high school who gets bullied or moms - if you have a daughter or son who doesn't know who they truly are... the people who I love in my life, showed me what unconditional love feels like and that is the most wonderful and most important feeling, so if you can make someone smile... please do.

We can all agree that love is a good thing, right? Shoot - maybe Jojo Siwa loves Boise so much, she'll make a return.

Then she can show us this dance move in person that the internet can't get enough.

You can check out Jojo's full message to Boise below:

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