There's a lot of legal 'Mumbo Jumbo' with this one that I really don't even care to understand but the bottom line is this... 50-year-old Bryan Johnston who taught at Hillcrest High School in the Idaho Falls area has pleaded 'Guilty' to the charges of willfully, maliciously and repeatedly stalking a 26-year-old woman between May and July of this year.  A protection order was issued meaning Johnston was to stay at least 900 feet away from this woman's home or other areas she frequented but that, of course, didn't happen.  Police have proof of Johnston being at or near the woman's home at least nine times.

According to East Idaho News, Johnston continued to show up at this woman's place of work and other places he knew she'd be.  He would try calling her through some of his old High School students which made this whole thing even weirder.

Some of the disturbing "alleged" charges include urinating on the woman's mattress when she wasn't home, shoving her underwear in an envelope and leaving it on her boyfriend's car, puncturing her car tires, stealing her cat, and making Craigs List advertisements about cars parked in front of her house.

Johnston does not teach at Hillcrest High School anymore and will be sentenced on December 20th.  He's currently out on bail or something like that.  Like I said at the beginning, there's a lot of legal 'Mumbo Jumbo' I don't understand.

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