If you were there, you remember the horror and chaos that ensued when a man crashed his sports car into the crowd at the Coffee and Cars event last September. Now, that man has been found guilty of reckless driving. 

11 people were hurt last year according to KTVB. It's a miracle, really that no one was killed when 50-year-old Roy Drennon of Eagle lost control of his Porsche Spyder, went off course and up onto the grass at a high rate of speed. The accident happened at Overland Road and Entertainment Avenue in the Boise Spectrum area.

Some of the injuries were serious. Spectators told stories of people's shoes flying off their feet, and now Mr. Drennon faces up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine for reckless driving after a jury found him guilty this morning.

So, do you think the punishment fits the crime in this situation? There are no reports of drugs or alcohol being involved, just "reckless" driving.

Leave us your thoughts on this case below.

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