This story just keeps getting worse and worse. 


17 year old Kristian Perez went missing from his high school prom last weekend in Orofino. He was found safe and sound, but now he's dead. Here's what happened.


The whole ordeal is just so sad. Kristian was obviously depressed and dealing with some very heavy issues. Police received a call yesterday at about 2pm that Kristian was suicidal and behind the wheel of a car.


According to KTVB, he was driving along Sunny Side Bench Road above Lennore. He ended up rolling his vehicle down an embankment.


Earlier this week Kristian was found safe at 26 year old Tyson Imel's home and police concluded that he ran away.


After the accident, Kristian had to be extricated from the vehicle and he later died yesterday afternoon at the hospital.


Tyson Imel has been charged with providing shelter for a runaway.


This whole story breaks my heart. I don't know what Kristian was dealing with but I wish he could have seen hope in life. 17 is far too young to die. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kristian's family and friends.