You've heard of the Tide Pod challenge; now viral You Tube videos have started a disgusting and dangerous new trend every parent needs to know about.

We've all been there when we were young. Crazy challenges that become popular and sometimes dangerous. I remember the "pass out" game I used to play with my girlfriends as a teen. You breath in and out really quick before holding your breath and it's supposed to make you light headed and pass out.

Dangerous games like this used to just get around by word of mouth, but with now with social media they are blowing up on You Tube and kids try them to get attention or to possibly get a viral video.

What kids are doing with this latest craze is flat out disturbing. They are taking an unwrapped condom and trying to snort it up one nostril and then pull it out their mouth. Of course the biggest concern here is it could choke you or suffocate you. This trend isn't necessarily new. You Tube videos of teens snorting condoms first surfaced back in 2007, but it's coming back around again and Idaho parents say it's happening right here in the Treasure Valley. Luckily, I couldn't find any stories of kids dying from this challenge, but that certainly doesn't mean anyone should be doing it.

Here's an example of what these kids are doing. ***Warning*** This video is disturbing.