When you think about “the deadliest” or the “most dangerous places in Idaho,” and what they could be... I’m sure you’re thinking about the most dangerous cities (where there’s the most crime), the most dangerous hikes, or maybe... The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls where people literally parachute off the bridge every single day? That was my guess!

But no — I was shocked to learn that none of those places, or even those kinds of places, rank as the deadliest place in Idaho. So, what DID rank as the deadliest, most dangerous place in Idaho? This is going to blow your mind.

According to Only in Your State, the number one Most Dangerous, Deadly Place in Idaho is...

Blue Lakes Blvd. | Google Streetview
Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls | Google Streetview

Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls, Idaho

They said, “According to the Idaho Transportation Department, over 35,000 cars per day travel down this main drag in Twin Falls — a huge number for a non-urban city. Many of these drivers are travelers on their way to Jackpot, others are tourists visiting the renowned Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge, but the majority are simply commuters.”

So... my guess was The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls... and that was close but not cigar.

The bridge itself isn’t the deadliest place in Idaho, just the roads by the bridge haha!

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

How crazy is that? When comparing jumping off a bridge every day vs driving by the bridge every day... the roads are actually more dangerous, as there are many accidents and according to Only in Your State, “Twin Falls still has multiple entries on the Top 100 Worst Intersections in South-Central Idaho.”

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